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SVG files designs

Is there a current coupon code available?

Yes, there is! We have a 25% off on all orders over $15, you can use de CODE: 25OFF10OVER

IMPORTANT: This promotion does not apply to list personalization services and vectorization service (Personalized custom SVG service logo to vector files conversion services).

What if you're not online when I message you and what are your hours❓
💬 I am online most of the hours but if I'm not online then most probably it's sleeping time in my beautiful México, I am normally available to answer messages and provide help Monday to Sunday from 8:30 to 5-MST Arizona time.

May I use the SVG file design to sell products on POD (Print On Demand) websites❓
💬 NO, NEVER! You can't use any of my files on POD websites, as they are ONLY meant for "CRAFTERS" who use cutting and plotter machines to make their products.

Why I don't see my SVG files in my folder❓
💬 This is a common problem for Windows system users, it usually shows explorer, edge, or chrome icons instead of previewing the SVG files (But the SVG file is there). This issue makes the SVG extension or previews cannot be seen and make it appear that the SVG files are missing as they appear with the aforementioned icons. There are several videos on the internet that show us how to re-associate SVG file to Internet Explorer within Windows 10 if the SVG file is showing as a Chrome HTML document within Windows Explorer. SVG file should still work, but reassociating to Internet Explorer will display it as an SVG document, not an HTML document.

Why are these SVG designs showing up weird in Cricut Design Space

💬 As many of you know Design Space has some issues with SVG designs, they are aware of it and are working to fix it. In the meantime, if you have any issues with the design being skewed or not uploading the way it looks in the picture please contact me and I will do my best to help you! As these problems don't affect every design I'm usually unaware of the problem until you let me know!

You can watch a quick short tutorial here: Click here

May I use the designs I purchase to make and sell items

💬 The designs you purchase are available for personal and small business commercial use.
You are welcome to use this design on personal items or items for sale in small amounts (less than 100 pieces) No mass producing allowed.

This means that you can make and create physical items with your purchased designs using cutting machines such as Silhouette Cameo, Cricut, Scan N Cut, etc. to sell in your shop.

The small business commercial use license included covers you up to 200 physical items sold with the design. If you will be using this design to make more than 200 items, please contact us to purchase an extended license.

(Please DO NOT share or sell the digital file. These files are FOR YOU ONLY!)

Can I open SVG files with my Silhouette Cameo
💬 Silhouette Studio is the software that you receive when you purchase a Silhouette Cameo machine.

Free Silhouette Studio Basic Edition software is not able to open SVG files. You would need to upgrade your software to the Silhouette Designer Edition to be able to open and use SVG files. You can, however, use the DXF file version of the design which is included with your purchase!

You can watch a quick short tutorial here: Click here.

1. Download the zip folder

2. Extract all files

3. Open studio

4. Click file, open

5. find the files you just extracted

6. choose your DXF format

If you open the file and click the SVG or DXF file your computer won't know what program to use to open the file. You have to go through the steps as listed above and open the file through the studio.

(If you're still having trouble opening or working with your file, or if it looks a little funky, please contact me and I can assist you further.)

Can I use your pictures to advertise the designs on my website, Etsy shop, etc.

💬 Yes, you can use my listing pictures as long as the watermark stays intact. Please don't post any unwatermarked pictures.

Can you personalize one of your designs with a different saying

💬 Sure we can! If you’d like to customize with your own phrase, hashtag or name using any design

(Max 35 Characters), visit the following link to learn more: Click here

Custom SVG Tracing services
I only have a very low-quality resolution image, can you still vectorize this file? and, do you have a video of your tracing process

💬 If you have an extremely low-quality image, you'll need to contact me first so I can discuss if they can be salvaged and converted to vector.


Do you have a video showing your vectorize process
💬 Of course, we can show you our process! Click here

All images can be converted to vector files like real photos

💬 NO! There are some limitations. Vectorization works great with simple images or logos that contain flat colors. However complex images like photos are impossible to be vectorized exactly as such or reasonable. In conclusion, not all images can become a good vector.

Can you vectorize realistic photos or real animals
💬 I will NOT convert pictures of animals, people, cars, or buildings. However, I have two vectorization services with a style of my own that might interest you. I leave the following link here. Click here

Can I change the size and color of a vector file

💬 Yes, any vector file is scalable and can be enlarged to any size without any issues. You can use it for as small as business card design or as large as a billboard. The final vector file is completely editable in terms of shape, size, and colors without losing any resolution.

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