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My name is Luis, I am a commercial and advertising artist. 


I was born in México back in 1973. I started in the world of screen printing and design when I was only 15 years old in a small workshop owned by my father to whom I owe my love for this wonderful vocation.


For years I have dedicated myself to the embellishment of clothes and promotional products using several processes such as screen print, embroidery, DTG, heat transfer vinyl, sublimation, vinyl cut, and laser engraved. One of my favorites is heat transfer vinyl for textiles, where it is of utmost importance to have a perfectly vectorized art to be used in the process.


This has allowed me to perfectly understand the needs and requirements of what it is an end-user would expect and, the importance of what a good SVG file must have during the cutting and weeding process in terms of quality, efficiency, and optimization.


All those years of experience are what you can find in all the files that I offer you in my shop and I'm really sure you’ll love our SVG files!

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